Vacancies in TTCA

There will be several vacancies on the TTCA Board beginning in January of 2022. We welcome the opportunity to add new faces to our team and hope you will consider your ability to join us in our efforts for our community. The 2022 vacancies are….
President – The President calls and conducts our 10 meetings per year. He / she is the main point of contact for the community and provides updates on Facebook and our website regarding ongoing events. Provides “Presidents Letter” for the Newsletter as well as articles for Chair vacancies or other information.

Vice President – Supports President in absence and special projects. Provides yearly Treasury audit and supports other board members functions. Presently supporting Tioga Blvd Parks initiative.

Treasurer – The Treasurer controls TTCA income and bill payment. Provides yearly budget for TTCA Board review and acceptance. Provides monthly report to Board.

Events – The Events Chairperson selects, arranges, advertises, and conducts community events. Provides Newsletter articles before and after event.

Parks – The Parks Chairperson will be involved in the negotiations and follow up with the Town of Owego regarding the Tioga Blvd Park improvements. In addition, occasional review of the condition of the Woodside Av Park is required.

Garage Sale – Our Garage Sale Chairperson arranges advertising and arranges teams to set up and take down garage sale traffic signs. They arrange Porta potties and answers community questions. Provides Newsletter articles before and after event.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact Nancy Sydlosky or attend the December 14 meeting at the Park Terrace Church for more information.