Tioga Terrace is …

Tioga Terrace is a quiet, friendly residential community consisting of more than 750 families.

“The Terrace,” as it is known, has been home to families since the late 1950s, and remains one of the premier residential communities in the Broome-Tioga County area. Offering a wide variety of quality housing, the Terrace continues to expand and develop.

For its part, the Civic Association promotes information sharing, fellowship and cooperation among Terrace residents, helping to protect the interests of property owners. For over 50 years, it has played an integral role in enhancing the quality of life for Terrace residents.

We hope you find our Web site helpful in learning more about our Association and community. Thanks for visiting.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 at 7:00 at Park Terrace Church on Glann Rd., in the Terrace. Hope to see you there!

Please Register to Vote

Tioga Terrace – Owego Voting Districts 15 & 17

More than ever, we must exercise our right to vote. If you are not registered, you may obtain forms at the following locations.

Obtain a Registration Form at your US Post Office, the NYS Dept of Motor Vehicles, or the Tioga Co. Board of Elections office at 1062 State Rte 38, Owego.

You can also obtain registration forms online at www.tiogacountyny.com. At the top left of the page, click on Government, on the drop down list, click on Departments, then click on Board Of Elections. Scroll down the page to Voter Information and Forms.

Also found on that page are instructions for Military and Absentee Ballots.
Forms and information are also available on the NY Board of Elections website www.elections.ny.gov

Your completed Registration form must be postmarked 25 days before the election. For the 2016 Presidential election, that date is Friday, October 14.

Enroll in Tioga County Free Emergency Contact Database

Tioga County including Town of Owego uses the Hyper-Reach service for managing local emergencies and community alerts. This system will send emergency notifications automatically to your land line. To add your primary cellphone number or
additional phone numbers and e-mail addresses, follow the instructions below.
The service is free!

Access the Tioga County Government website: www.tiogacountyny.com.
Press on the Government arrow and pull down menu
Press Department Directory
Press Emergency Management (right hand column)
On the lower left press the hyper-reach button.
Enter your information. Municipality is Owego

Safety Tips For Walking In Tioga Terrace

Safety Tips for Walking in Tioga Terrace

1. Don’t walk alone at night or in areas that are unfamiliar.

2. Choose clothes that drivers can easily see. Light or bright colors, reflective material and flashing lights are best. Wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes that will not slip.

3. There are no sidewalks in the Terrace so always walk on the left, facing traffic.

4. Important things to carry with you are water, a driver’s license or ID, and a cell phone. Carry a flashlight or download the flashlight app to your smartphone.

5. Before stepping in front of a car make eye contact with the driver. Make sure they see you, plan on stopping and have time to stop.

6. Dress in layers. Your body warms up as you walk.

7. Pay attention ! Don’t be distracted by headphones or cell phones.

Even though you may have the right-of-way, walk as if drivers don’t know the rules. Accidents happen in just seconds.


We’re looking for someone to coordinate the occasional use of Civic Association signs in the Terrace. These are the familiar small signs you’ve seen on poles announcing leaf pick-ups, the Halloween parade, and other special notices and events. Ideally, this person would also be responsible for storing and maintaining the traffic control signs used during the TTCA’s annual Terrace garage sale. A seasoned ‘veteran’ is available to explain the details and show you the ropes. If you think you might be interested in helping out with this “behind the scenes” but very important function, please contact Jim Sprague at 625-5476 (jsprague@stny.rr.com) Thanks!


Kathy Arnold, our TTCA Halloween Party Coordinator, is responsible for the Halloween Party which TTCA hosts each year. We are currently seeking someone to assist in this enjoyable, annual event. A job description and instructions are available to anyone who is interested. The TTCA Halloween parade and party is one of the most anticipated and fun-filled children’s events of the year. If you enjoy seeing kids in costume smiling from ear to ear, we sure could use your help.

You can also count on other Board members to help the day of the event. Funds in the TTCA budget pay for expenses. Attendance at all TTCA Board meetings is NOT required.

If you’re interested, or need more info, please contact Kathy Arnold at 625-4580 or email her at vasilopk@yahoo.com.