The next TTCA meeting will be held @7PM, Oct 12th, 2021 at Park Terrace Church on Glann Rd.

Tioga Terrace is a quiet, friendly residential community consisting of more than 750 families.

“The Terrace,” as it is known, has been home to families since the late 1950s, and remains one of the premier residential communities in the Broome-Tioga County area. Offering a wide variety of quality housing, the Terrace continues to expand and develop.

For its part, the Civic Association promotes information sharing, fellowship and cooperation among Terrace residents, helping to protect the interests of property owners. For over 50 years, it has played an integral role in enhancing the quality of life for Terrace residents.

We hope you find our Web site helpful in learning more about our Association and community. Thanks for visiting.

The monthly meetings of the Tioga Terrace Civic Association were closed to the public until this previous spring due to Covid 19 safety concerns.
We now encourage residents of the Terrace to join our meetings.
TTCA meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, except July and August. Meetings are held at the Park Terrace Church on Glann Rd at 7:00 pm. Please join us.
Thank you for your support

Medicare Seminar – October 23rd

You’re invited to a FREE Seminar hosted by Tioga Terrace Civic Association
Presented by
Visions Federal Credit Union,
Jennifer Ford, Sr. Insurance Consultant
October 23, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Park Terrace Methodist Church, Glann Rd.
Refreshments will be provided
Please reply on or before October 15th
Jeanet Hazar 725-2978 (please leave me a clear message if I don’t answer)
or e-mail
“The answers you need, the coverage you want about Medicare”
♦ Basic Medicare Information
♦ Medicare Advantage Plans
♦ Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans & Standalone Prescription Drug Plans
♦ How do I enroll?
♦ What is the age limit to enroll?

Membership Drive

So far, without home visits by our volunteers, we have collected Membership Dues from about 30% of the Terrace residents. We had hoped to be able to visit those who didn’t donate from our online appeals but Covid has not allowed us to do that.

You can now also use Venmo to send your $15 membership dues.

1) Create an account on Venmo, if you haven’t already done so.
2) Login to Venmo
3) Select ‘Search’ option on the webpage
4) Enter ‘Tioga Terrace’ into the search
5) Select the option ‘Tioga Terrace @Keri-Barrett-4′
6) Select ‘Add Friend’ option
7) Once you have been approved as a friend, select ‘Tioga Terrace’ and process payment.

Please be sure to include your address so that your TTCA Membership account is credited correctly.

We continue to accept regular donations too. You can mail or drop off your donation to:

Keri Barrett
4 Bowen Ln. Apalachin 13732

Please make your check out to TTCA. Also be sure to include your name and street address so we can be sure you are marked as paid.

Thank you
Nancy Sydlosky
TTCA. President

Drivers: Please Slow Down

The speed limit in Tioga Terrace is 30 MPH. We have seen a great deal of speeding recently and complained to the Town of Owego. It is likely you will see more Sheriff’s Dept cars in the Terrace and they will ticket speeders. So please slow down and drive safely.

Let’s Keep It Clean

Please clean up after your dog. A few dog walkers in the Terrace have bagged their dog’s poop but left the bags in the street to be run over by cars. Bagging is a good first step but please dispose of your bags properly. Thank you

Lower Park Update

**** 02/14/2020 ****

Town Supervisor, Don Castellucci attended our TTCA meeting in February and we discussed the 2020 plan for the Tioga Blvd Park. We impressed on Don how much we’d like to see the park at least minimally useable this summer. Meaning we’d like at least the blacktop and basket hoops completed. Don agreed to continue to work on our behalf to get that much work done this summer. Once the park is useable, we’d like to celebrate but no timeframe is yet available. Of course, we’ll keep you all informed.

**** 06/02/2019 ****
In my President’s Letter in the current Terrace Talk newsletter, I talked about the lack of work in the Tioga Blvd Park. As I said, we spoke with Don Castellucci a couple of times regarding great plans for the park. We knew funds were an issue but we were clear that we hoped to see progress before the summer was over. When that did not happen and school started with no work started, we were sorely disappointed.

But no sooner did I comment in the Presidents Letter but I heard from several Board members that there were workmen on site. Carolyn and I both drove down to see. The fence was removed and Carolyn was told the old blacktop will be removed and the exposed ground pressed down. New paving then will be done in the Spring.

That is what we know for now and as promised, we’ll keep you informed.

Nancy Sydlosky TTCA President

Carolyn Showalter Parks Chairperson