Lower Park Update

**** 02/20/2024 ***

Walking trail is now complete & ready for use. Discussions are currently underway for possible additional developments.

**** 07/31/2021 ***

The TTCA first brought the matter of renovation of the Tioga Blvd Park to Don Castellucci during his visit to our TTCA meeting on February 9 of 2016. He sent a review letter on February 24, 2016 . His note says,
“Playground/Park (behind Red Apple):
As I thought there is a boundary issue with an adjoining neighbor which is being worked out. Once this has been rectified our Parks Committee will be looking at uses for the park and a direction to be followed with budgetary priorities. At that time, TTCA will be invited to join the discussions, as the Town makes final determinations for its use. “

We have communicated by email, at our TTCA meetings, and at Town Meetings in 2018, 2019, and twice by email in 2020.
We have been assured that there was $20,000 in the 2019 budget and we asked to only get the front portion blacktopped before the end of June for summer use. At the end of September 2019, the tennis nets, basketball hoops, and portions of the fence were removed. This process damaged the blacktop to be not only unusable but also unsafe. No additional work has been done since September of 2019.
In 2020 – 2021, we’ve been told of an additional grant from the Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation of Owego in the amount of $7300 and an unknown amount from the State of New York. In addition we were told a resident offered a large donation if we included a pickleball court. We agreed.
The TTCA had asked for additional funds to be added to the budget for 2020 and 2021 but we do not know if that happened.
Joe Dapolito, Jennifer Bastian, Kaci Doty & I met with Don Castellucci at the Town Hall on June 8th, 2021 to discuss the park. He agreed to discuss with the Town Board .