41 Frederick Dr. – SOLD!!

**** 04/26/2020 ****

I am extremely happy to announce that the property at 41 Frederick St has sold. Closing is not til June 15 and Mr McCann is to empty the property by that date. It’s been a really long, frustrating road to this point and I cannot thank you all enough for your patience and support. And a huge thanks to our Realtor, Shannan Gloria Crescente for her hard work! I can’t wait to welcome our new neighbors!

- Nancy Sydlosky, TTCA President

**** 02/14/2020 ****

The Town Courtroom was dark when we arrived at 2:20pm on Weds, Feb 12. The court clerk referred us to talk to Ron Schmidt, Code Enforcement Officer. Ron said that Mike McCann showed up at the Town Hall yesterday (apparently he didn’t get the date change either). Ron and the Town Attorney, Irene Graven, spoke to Mike about the current status. The previous offer has been withdrawn due to the anticipated cost to demolish the building. Ron urged Mr McCann to again lower the cost and reviewed the cost to Mr McCann to maintain the property (taxes etc) with no option to use it in any way. Mr McCann agreed to reduce the price to $15,000 but I don’t know if he has yet advised his realtor.
I gave Ron Schmidt my email and telephone number and he agreed to let me know of any future court dates or status changes.
We will continue to follow up.

- Nancy Sydlosky, TTCA President

**** 02/11/2020 ****
There will be a follow-up hearing in the Owego Town Court on Wednesday, February 12th at 2:30PM. Residents can attend this meeting, but cannot speak.

**** 01/21/2020 ****

Ron Schmidt, Zoning & Code Enforcement for the Town of Owego, has put the proceedings against Michael McCann for the house at 41 Frederick St, back on the Town Court schedule. It is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29 at 2:30 pm. We can attend the hearing but cannot speak. Feel free to join us there. Thank you for your continued support with this issue.

**** 10/27/2019 ****

As you know, the TTCA has been following the situation at 41 Frederick St very closely for nearly 2 years now. The last hearing was held in July and required Mr McCann to remove the contents of the property by October 16 as he refuses to sell with the contents included.

I called the Town of Owego Court on October 14 to confirm the scheduled hearing and was told that a public hearing is not being held but rather an inspection visit is planned by the Town Code Enforcement Officer. I spoke to Ron Schmidt, Town Code Enforcement and Building Inspector.

Ron said that Mr Michael McCann called him and said he has prepared his storage unit on his other property. However, Mr McCann has surgery scheduled on his other knee for early November. Ron has scheduled a follow up with Mr McCann for mid-December.

Ron said he did report this discussion to Judge Schumacher and was told to keep the Court informed of the status.

- Nancy Sydlosky (TTCA President)

**** 10/07/2019 ****

After the hearing in July, we posted that another hearing is scheduled for Weds October 16. I called the Town of Owego Court today to confirm but was told that date is a Follow-Up, not a Hearing. The Building Inspector will review progress as agreed by the owner, Mike McCann and report back to the Court. The judge will then decide if additional action is required. I was told there will likely be no decision until a week or 10 days later. So I will follow up with the town about the end of October for the resolution and provide an update on this website.

Thanks for your support

Nancy Sydlosky

**** 05/15/2019 ****

Don Castelucci has reported that Michael McMann is going back to court because he hasn’t complied with certain requirements of his previous court ruling. More details on the court date will be provided when the date is determined.

**** 03/20/2019 ****
As you probably have noticed, 41 Frederick Dr did go on the Real Estate market about the end of January. I’ve heard there has been some interest but no buyer just yet. I’m sure there would be a huge investment required for this property but it’s a fairly flat, corner lot in a wonderful neighborhood so we are hopeful that more progress is on the way.

Nancy Sydlosky
TTCA President

**** 12/20/2018 ****

The Permit hearing for the owner of 41 Frederick, Michael McCann was held today and Linda Fuerstenburg & Meredith Bocek representing the TTCA and a few other residents attended.

Since the last hearing on Dec 6, Michael McCann managed to get the Quick Deed sale completed and recorded, removing his brother, Richard McCann and sister, Tawna Lewis, from the recorded deed. Judge Schumacher again asked Michael McCann how he plead against the Permit charges. He plead Guilty. That was a surprise as he had previously plead Not Guilty.

The judge ordered that the house be appraised for Fair Market Value and the property is to put up for sale at that price no later than January 31st of 2019. Another Hearing will be held if this does not happen by that date.

Even though this involves another delay, it is a giant step forward. Thanks to the Town of Owego Court, Judge John Schumacher, and Town Attorney, Irene Graven for all their hard work in this matter.

**** 12/1/2018 ****

The hearing for Michael McCann regarding the status of 41 Frederick is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 20 at 2pm at the Town Court on Rte 434

**** 10/26/18 ****

A number of Residents and TTCA Board members attended the Preliminary Hearing on October 25 of the Town of Owego vs Michael McCann regarding the expiration of his Repair Permit without completion of the repairs on his property at 41 Frederick Dr in Tioga Terrace. Mr McCann pleaded Not Guilty and a date for the actual Hearing has been set to November 28 at 2:00pm at the Town of Owego Court on Rt 434. It is a public hearing so residents may attend but will not be afforded an opportunity to speak. Several TTCA Board members plan to attend and will provide an update.