Newsletter Article: Garage Sale Coordinator Vacancy Draft 1.0 J. Sprague

Vacancy: Garage Sale Coordinator

Due to an unexpected resignation, the TTCA’s Garage Sale Coordinator position is now vacant. We’re looking for one (or perhaps two) individuals to assume this important role. As most of you know, this annual May event attracts hundreds of visitors to our community, generating significant revenue for Terrace residents. The Coordinator (or co-coordinators) is/are responsible for planning and organizing the event, including publicity, sign crews, renting the porta-potties, etc.

If you’re wondering how just one or two people can manage this task, you’ll be reassured to know that planning begins well in advance, and detailed instructions are on hand to guide you. What’s more, other TTCA Board members are available to help out. Unfortunately, if we don’t get a volunteer to coordinate it, the Garage Sale will be cancelled.

If you’re an organized person who’s interested in helping to continue this time-honored Terrace tradition (or if you just want more information) please contact Nancy Sydlosky, TTCA President, at 258-0276 or via email at Thanks!