Safety Tips for Walking in Tioga Terrace

As nice weather finally comes to the Terrace, more walkers will be out in our neighborhood. Here are some safety tips.

1. Don’t walk alone at night or in areas that are unfamiliar.

2. Choose clothes that drivers can easily see. Light or bright colors, reflective material and flashing lights are best. Wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes that will not slip.

3. There are no sidewalks in the Terrace so always walk on the left, facing traffic.

4. Important things to carry with you are water, a driver’s license or ID, and a cell phone. Carry a flashlight or download the flashlight app to your smartphone.

5. Before stepping in front of a car make eye contact with the driver. Make sure they see you, plan on stopping and have time to stop.

6. Dress in layers. Your body warms up as you walk.

7. Pay attention ! Don’t be distracted by headphones or cell phones.

Even though you may have the right-of-way, walk as if drivers don’t know the rules. Accidents happen in just seconds.

DRIVERS – Be alert to children, dogs, and walkers on our streets. They are our families and friends !