2023 Tioga Terrace Garage Sale

This year’s Tioga Terrace community garage sale will be held on Saturday, May 20th. Please note several important details below!

Here’s what you can expect on Garage Sale day:

– The “official” start time is 9am (although you can expect to see items go on sale before then).
– Police/Fire Departments will NOT be directing traffic at any locations in the Terrace
– “No Parking This Side” signs will be placed along Glann Road, Brookside Ave East, Cooper Drive, Frederick Drive, Griffin Drive, and Brookside Ave West (just as in as past years)
– Traffic on all Terrace streets will be 2-way (NOT one-way)
– Porta-potties will again be located on Highland Drive. near Overbrook Drive
– Porta-potty signs, and Exit signs to Frederick Drive, will be posted
– The TTCA will NOT be placing any ads in newspapers, etc.
– We may block off traffic on Brookside Ave. East between Frederick Dr. and Tioga Blvd.

If you’re a visiting ‘garage-saler’…welcome to our neighborhood! Thank you for driving slowly and safely, complying with all parking restrictions, and being respectful of our community.

If you’re a resident…thank you for your patience as we’ve worked to resolve many unforeseen challenges this year. We truly appreciate your cooperation and support.

For more information, please contact any of the following:

Joe Dapolito, TTCA President, at 651-7836
Jeanet Hazar, Vice President, at 725-2978